Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Good Morning, Beaders!


We will be collecting your donated jewelry for our Christmas Sparkle Project at our Westbank classes during October and in November, we will meet on the 27th to make origimi boxes. Delivery will be made in December to the Battered Women's Shelter. Please join us in this fun outreach project guaranteed to bring a little cheer to people who have almost nothing because of their hasty run to safety from life-threatening danger.

Now on to our October 23rd Westbank project.

Our Westbank beading project will be offered again by popular request - Treasure Box Pendant. If you were unable to make it last year, here's another chance.

The meeting will be held at Love Lutheran Church, 3730 McArthur, Algiers, from 1-3 p.m.

Instructor: Vicki

Cost of kits: $12-$15, depending on the type of beads in the kit.

Cost of class is $12.00.

RSVP to Vicki at: jambalayarubber@hotmail.com to reserve kits

As another reminder, you do not have to make this project to join us. You are more than welcome to bring your own UFOs and WIPs and come for a little social afternoon with friends.

If you prefer to bring your own supplies for the treasure box, here is the list:

Heavy weight stiff pellon #70 non fusable
Hinged Candy tin (Altoid type tin) approximately 3-3/4 long X 2-3/8 wide
(prep for tins involves fine grit sandpaper
Lumiere paints, and Stazon permanent solvent inks
rubber stamps
tool to make holes on sides of tin or a drill, and 3/16 eyelets or small grommets with a setting tool)
Cabochons, or any flat backed disks you wish to set like a cabochon, could use flat beads, shank free buttons, etc.
Size 11/0 round Japanese seed beads(not cylinder beads) as follows:
main color at least 8 grams
secondary color at least 5 grams
complimentary colors in small amounts
Size 15/0 seed beadsssize 11/0 Japanese cylinder beads (Delica or Toho) small amount
Embellishing beads, such as 8/0 seeds, flat flower shaped beads, flat shell or glass beads, pearls, any small shaped beads
Strong thread, Nymo, or button/carpet thread.
Beeswax or Thread Heaven for conditioning thread
Beading needle to accommodate thread (#10-13)
Jewelers glue to set cabochon onto pellon- hypo cement or E-6000
(I will have glue at class)
Small sharp beading scissors
Sharpie pen to color edges of pellon in your chosen colors
Red liner adhesive sheets (a dry adhesive) for adhering finished pellon piece to tin

If you have any questions, please either e-mail Vicki or me. Hope to see y'all there.


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