Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas Sparkle

Hi, Everyone!

This is a reminder that we will be collecting the donations for jewelry for our Christmas Sparkle Project at our October and November meetings. In the event you missed this information, we are making jewelry to donate as a community outreach project to the Battered Women's Shelter.

Our November Westbank project will be making origami gift boxes for the donations. So, please come to enjoy a happy get-together as we prepare to spread a little Christmas cheer.

If anyone has any questions, please email me. Thanks.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Corrected Date!

OK, Folks, I'll never buy another calendar with pages showing three months at a time!!!!! I really feel like saying something else but will settle for @#$%^%$$@##@

Please note that the Westbank meetings are always held on the fourth Saturday of the month no matter what date I use. The exception is December.

If y'all get the date right, I'll be there waiting on the 25th.


Corrected Date for Westbank September Class

Ooops! The correct date is Saturday, September 23, 2010.


Westbank September Project

Good Afternoon, Beaders.

The attached is a picture of the bracelet for the Westbank project on September 23, 2010 which will be from 1-3 p.m. at Love Lutheran Church, 3730 MacArthur, Algiers.

This pattern is called Amtrac and is based on the uphostry on the City of New Orleans train. I had a looong opportunity to study it when I went to Denver and consists of several beading stitches combined into the pattern.

Here is a list of materials you will need:

Size 8 hex beads
Size 11 seed beads
4 mm. crystals
Beading thread or Fireline
Size 12 needle

There will be no kits offered for this class.

Cost for the class is $12.00.

Please let me know if you plan on attending to make sure I have enough copies.

Hope to see y'all there.